Meet Ery Food Machinery

Ery Food Machinery is a company that operates on the European market and for years have been providing food industry companies with the highest quality equipment. We have an excellent reputation because we approach each customer individually, trying to meet all their expectations. And most importantly, our machines are always in excellent condition. If you also need this kind of equipment, we invite you to cooperate. We have such a wide selection of different types of equipment that you are sure to find the right fit for your business. We encourage you to check out the full assortment.

Vacuum tumblers – make the meat portioning process super efficient

In the meat processing industry, efficiency and precision are key. This can only be achieved with the highest quality equipment. Vacuum tumblers are professional modern devices for stuffing and portioning meats that will work perfectly in meat processing facilities. Meat stuffers can significantly speed up the process of sausage and other meat products manufacturing.

On our site you will find high-class vacuum stuffers that provide high productivity and ultra-fast portioning. We stock models of various capacities and sizes for different types of plants. Our machines are made mostly of stainless steel, are easy to clean and intuitive to use. We rely on modern solutions from the best suppliers. You shouldn’t hesitate if you own a meat-related business – buy high-quality vacuum tumblers.

Meat grinders – precise and fast mincing of meat

Another piece of equipment that should definitely be in every meat related business is a meat grinder. An industrial meat grinder is an equivalent of the device that we use at home – only that with more power, capacity, and grinding efficiency.

In our shop, you can buy new or used meat grinders from the market’s best suppliers. We do not sell just any equipment – we carefully select only the highest class devices. Our meat grinders are made from durable and strong materials, and are characterized by excellent specifications. They will help you improve your business immediately, providing you with reliability, excellent final product results and maximum performance for many years.

Feel free to contact us – we will give you all the information you need, regarding our machines and details of our cooperation. We believe that we are able to meet even the toughest expectations of every customer. Try us – Ery Food Machinery.


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