How to replace garage door rollers yourself?

Replacing the garage door rollers will ensure the garage door runs smoothly. Usually, the garage door has two rollers at the top and bottom, and multiple center rollers. Although their replacement is not very easy, using the right tools and this guide you will be able to successfully replace the blinds for garage doors. How to replace garage door rollers yourself?

The cost of replacing rollers for garage doors

This is a big question, right? How much does it cost to replace roller shutters for garage doors?

It probably won’t be such a big shock, but it depends on how big your garage doors are.

If you are seven feet tall, you usually have ten rollers for the entire garage door. An eight-foot garage door will add another two rollers for a total of twelve.

In one of the large box stores, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot, a pair of plastic or steel roller blinds for garage doors can carry around $ 5 – from $ 25 to $ 30 for a full set.

Instead, I recommend springs for Dura-Lift nylon rollers, which are higher quality, quieter than steel rollers and … oh yes … also cheaper for only $ 25 for a set of ten at Amazon or Home Depot.

How to replace garage door rollers yourself?

Upper shaft replacement

Close the garage door using the electric door opener, if equipped. Pull the door release handle and click the button on the garage door remote control to lift the opener carriage. Unplug the opener electrical cord from the outlet when the carriage stops moving.

Loosen the screw that secures the upper roller attachment to the door using the socket set. Move the bracket with the roller attached from the handle. Angle the roller axis inwards to release the roller from the door channel. Slide the roller axle off the bracket.

Insert a new roller into the bracket. Angle the roller and slide the front edge of the roller into the rail before turning the axle towards the door and aligning the bracket with the screw on the handle. Tighten the nut with the socket set to secure the roller and the bracket to the handle. Repeat if necessary with the second upper roller.

Reconnect the opener to the socket and press the button on the remote control to lower the stroller until it connects to the door arm. Raise and lower the door to check the operation of the new roller.

Lower shaft replacement

  1. Pull the bottom of the garage door into the garage and remove the old roller. If the path still contains a roll, bend it as shown in step four. This will allow you to remove the roller from the track. It will be easier to change the roller if you raise the door a few feet above the ground.
  2. Check the two roller guide holes. If they are not perpendicular to the surface of the rest of the carriage, they are bent. Straighten the guide holes with the roller mandrel.
  3. Insert a new roller into the bottom bracket. To do this, you need to pull the bottom part again inside the garage.
  4. Bend the path below the roll as shown if you have not already done so.
  5. Lower the garage door to the point where the roller is next to the folded part of the guide.
  6. Insert the roller into the guide.
  7. Straighten the path with a hammer. 

Note: Do not hit the track on which the roller is located. This may damage the roller.



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