How To Be The Best Collaboration Partner

Taking pride in one’s work is one thing, but when doing a job becomes a necessary task for someone, they wouldn’t want to do it in the incorrect way. Because no one wants to put in time and effort and still deliver incorrect work. Especially, when the incorrect work involves revisions or reworks.

In software development, reworks are costly, time-consuming, and frankly very difficult for both – the developers as well as the stakeholder. Which is why, you’d want to be the best collaboration partner, so you get exactly what you want correctly and as soon as possible.

Here’s what you can do to be the best collaboration partner for your outsourced software development project.

Conveying Requirements But Saying “This Is What I Think I Want”

When building software, you might already have ideas for what you want the software to do. So, sit down with your team and convey your requirements, however, don’t just stop there.

Since you’re outsourcing, with ideally the right outsourcing partner, you can benefit from their years of professional experience. Instead of putting rigid requirements, allow a bit of flexibility and convey your thoughts about what you think you want.

This will inspire an environment where the developers have a free hand to think of fresh ideas that will only foster innovative solutions. The result: you get the best quality software. The cherry on top is that there’s little risk as you’re ideally working with a team with a portfolio of past successful projects.

Being A Part Of The Project

After conveying your software development project requirements, you have two choices.

Either wait anxiously until you get delivered the software, only to find out it is farthest from what you want. Now, you may request costly revisions or additional work, or settle for what you have been handed over.

Or, you can be a part of the project right from the get-go to ensure you and your development team or always on the same page and on the right track.

You have the knowledge of the business atmosphere – what you think you need and what gives you the competitive edge. Your outsourcing partner has the technical know-how to get you what you need, deriving from their past portfolio and experiences of several lifetimes.

With that, you can have the best of both worlds; if you’re wondering how, start by asking upfront how they collaborate with their clients.

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What Are The Signs Of A Proactive Software Development Outsourcing Team?

When you and your outsourcing partner collaborate closely for creating the software, without a doubt, you can get the best product possible.

Therefore, it is important to ask your partner how they team up with their clients. What you’re looking for is a proactive team by looking for these signs:

  • They come up with lots of personalized questions.
  • They want to fully understand your upcoming software’s clientele.
  • They aren’t afraid of making suggestions for improvement.
  • They want to be involved and participate actively in discussions.
  • They conduct regular brainstorming sessions; and make you a part of it.
  • They like to work with you in solving problems.

Final Thoughts

Software development is a process that lasts well beyond the development phase. Hence, you and your partner must be working together as a team to develop not only a functioning but also the best product possible.

The above tips will help you in being the best collaboration partner every step of the way in the SDLC (software development lifecycle).

Stay tuned for the strategies you can implement to ensure your outsourced software development projects complete successfully.

The article was written in cooperation with the experts of SoftKraft – Python Development Company


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