Maple Leaf Country is waiting for people to settle down and take up jobs in Canada. Are you interested? In order to settle in Canada and take up employment, you will have to complete a number of formalities in your home country, including upgrading your professional qualifications. But it’s really worth it.

Work in Canada for foreigners? It’s possible!

In the case of the Maple Leaf Country you can safely talk about multiculturalism. Canada has the most immigrants for almost 100 years. Several million Europeans and Asians live in Canada.
In Canada, you can count on free market economy, attractive salaries, high level of security, opportunity to lead a peaceful life. There is also no shortage of tourist attractions. If someone is planning a longer stay in Canada, he or she will obviously need a job. A strong candidate resume will be a great asset. Although a job without high qualifications in the resume is also possible. There should be no problem finding employment in industries related to services, agriculture, forestry, industry (especially oil and mining, timber).

And to enter Canada you must have an eTA document. You can get an eTA document without much trouble, everything can be done online. You will need your passport and a credit/debit card. There is a nominal fee of seven Canadian dollars to obtain an eTA. Simply go to the Canadian government website and fill out the form. Once issued, the eTA is valid for up to five years and allows you to legally stay in Canada for six months.

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How do I get a work permit to enter Canada?

If you intend to work in Canada, you must obtain an entry permit to Canada, which can be done in several ways. The first is through the International Experience Canada program, this will allow you to visit Canada and work in Canada for 12 months. This offer is only for people under the age of 35. However, you must be selected and receive an invitation to apply in order to start working in Canada. The more people who fill out the questionnaire and apply for the program, the lesser the chances of winning the lottery. Another option would be to go through the Labour Market Impact Assessment process, where the Canadian office will determine if it is worth hiring a foreign worker at all, how it will affect the local labour market. You can also take advantage of the Express Entry program, which focuses on finding best candidates who want to settle permanently in Canada.


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