Can you use a cellphone on a plane?

We have the right to bring electrical and electronic devices on board the aircraft, but they must be presented earlier during the security check. During check-in, passengers should remove all devices from their hand luggage and put them in the container. Devices such as a hair straightener or dryer – can be taken on board an aircraft. Can you use a cellphone on a plane?

Is using a mobile phone safe?

Pursuant to the regulation of the European Aviation Safety Agency, for many years the use of mobile devices on board the aircraft was prohibited, during take-off, landing and when the machine reached the ceiling of 3,000 meters. At an amount of 10,000 meters it was possible to use only internal Wi-Fi, if the aircraft had one. What did that mean?

Passengers were able to use all electronic and mobile devices while at and around the airport. However, everything changed when boarding the plane. At this point, travelers were required to accept all rules prevailing on it, and one of them was a ban on using phones.

Can you use a cellphone on a plane?

The reason was the conviction that an activated mobile device may produce unpleasant sounds that disrupt the connection between pilots and flight controllers. Lack of communication could hinder the take-off or landing of the plane and even lead to tragedy.

History does not know the case that a catastrophe occurred due to the use of a mobile phone. Nevertheless, the pilots confirm that using the telephone may interfere with on-board equipment.

Cell phones, tablets and similar devices can be safely used in airplane or offline mode. Soon, wi-fi will become the norm on board any aircraft, so there will be no problem with maintaining contact with the ground during the flight.

When should I switch my phone to off line mode?

In all flights we have traveled so far, flight mode had to be turned on before taking off and kept on turning until the plane lands and stops. Of course, most often everyone withstand phones off until the landing and when they feel safe, they turn on the phones to send sms, call. And nothing bad is happening, so it’s safe.

How do you charge the phone on an airplane?

It is known that today’s batteries do not allow so much freedom to use smartphones and you may need to charge your phone. Therefore, it is a good idea to charge the device at the airport, just before the flight. On the other hand, we recommend using power banks on the plane – you can take them on board. You load such a power bank, take it to your hand luggage and you can use it at any time on board



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